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Jlt SCT combo? How much do you really feel it

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Hey guys I haven't broken into the world of performance mods on this car yet mainly because its under warrenty and partily because its a v6. I just want some opinions of first off should i mess with it under warrenty? second how much faster does it even feel? and third does anyone ever get annoyed by the really firm shifts that come along with the tune. Ive got a buddy with a trailblazer ss with over 800hp and when that thing shifts you get whiplash. again just looking for some advice. Thanks.
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Well i dont have a V6. And i dont have an automatic. But i do have a JLT CAI and SCT tuner. I love it! The race tune is the way to go. It really wakes up the car. It even sounds different when you start it up. I know my car is different than yours. But i think you will experience the same increases. My car just always wants to go now. Very aggresive. The street and race tune are very nice. Performance tune, to me, is nothing special.
And warranty of the car shouldnt be an issue. Because the CAI isnt that hard to remove. And the stock tune take 5 min to load into the car. JLT/SCT is easily reversable if warranty issues arise.
i been running that on my 4.0 for a few yrs. auto. i couldnt image, and wouldnt want to ever run without it. :D driving real easy its not to crazy, although driving slow down my rough road,,,its so punchy every bump i hit the car is jumping but i kinda like it and it sounds bad to the bone :bigthumbsup
Makes it a whole new car. Trying to sell my jlt sct combo ive had em in the box for a few months pretty much unused for 300
Oh you'll feel it for sure.

And for your auto, it is the best thing you can do for your car. That thing will feel like a maual when it kicks into the next gear and you will chirp the tires going into 2nd for sure. Get some gears after that and you'll swear it's a different car!

Make sure you go with a quality tuner. I'd check out american muscle. :bigthumbsup
Night and day with the car. The auto only shifts really hard when you have the pedal jammed to the floor, for normal day to day driving I find the shifting to be just fine with the race tune. Bama will soften up the shifts for you if you really want them to..
I waited for My 3yr 36K Warranty to almost expire befor I bought the JLT CAI SCT X3 Combo, that was a Mistake, I should have bought it right away!
Your Car will be a Whole Different Stang after you out on the CAI and Download a Good Tune. You will have Instant Throttle Response and Fast Firm Shifts. You'll Smile from ear to ear and wont believe how your Stang has changed and is much more FUN to drive now. I would'nt be without them installed on My Stang:bigthumbsup
As for the Factory Warranty and adding a JLT CAI and SCT X3 Tuner and Tune to your Stang, dont worry. If for some reason you'll ever need to take your Stang in to the Dealership for Warranty Work, just put back on your Factory Stock Air Box and Re-Download your Factory Stock Tune. The Dealer may (Suspect) that you had them on your Stang but they wont be able to prove it. Because after you put back on your Factory Mods and re-download your Factory Stick Tune your Computers Memory will be (Blank) and if the Dealer hooks your Computer up to check for any Codes there wont be much if any memory stored in it and the Dealer will wonder why. Just tell them Your Battery went dead or you disconnected your Battery because you had your Stang parked and stored, this will be the reason for your Stangs Computer not having and Memory in it, the Dealer wont be able to prove a thing:bigthumbsup
Now the Shifts some some Tunes especially the 93 Race Tune does have Firm Shifts, now this is actually a Good Thing. The shifts that you have in your Stang from the Factory are Drawn Out and when you have a drawn out sluggish shifting pattern it actually is wearing out your Tranny Prematureally as when your Tranny Shifts and has a drawn out shift it's (slipping) and wearing out the Bands in your Tranny. Adding a Tune where it has Fast Firm Shifts will Increase the Life of your Tranny as your shifts will now not have that lag in them, they wont slip as they change gears, they will be Instant and this will add life to your Transmission:bigthumbsup It wont feel anything like the shifts in your Buddy's 800hp Trailblazer but you will notice the difference.
Is your Stang going to be and feel Faster after adding a CAI and Downloading a 93 race Tune, Absolutely! Is is a Safe Mod, YES.
Also I'd recommend getting ALL 93 Tunes with your Tuner, that's of you can get 93 Octane Gas where you live. Now some think that 93 Octane Gas is EXPENSIVE, it's really not and only cost only about 20 Cents more a Gallon. So say you Fill up with 93 Octane, it will cost you about $4 a Tankful more than 87 Octane Gas. Now I actually got Better Gas Mileage using 93 Octane then when I used 87 Octane, so the extra $4 I spent on 93 evened out with the added mileage and realy cost me no more.
Hope this Helped you out:bigthumbsup
Yeah thanks so much for your repleys guys i just really wanted to do my homework before jumping into it especially with the price for me im just a poor college kid working a part time job so money is tight and of course only a month ago my radar detector died on me so i bought the new escort passport 9500ix (the gps one) and that was 500 to so before i drop another 5 i want to make sure its worth it. again thanks for the info. and if anyone has any idea just about what the difference in 0-60 would be it would be nice to know.
A CIA won't cause any Warranty issues at all. And I have been told that even the tune won't. But to be safe, while my car was in Warranty I loaded the stock tune every time I took it to Ford for service. Now that I'm out of Warranty I leave it in. The Tech who took it for a test drive remarked about the additional power he felt. I think there are a lot of us 6er's using tuners these days, so I don't think the service depts are surprised at all.
I have the 91 octane race tune and a JLT CAI installed in my v6 stang. It really does feel like a totally different car! :) MUCH better throttle response and it makes the exhaust sound better too, especially if you have like a non-stock exhaust. I don't notice it making the car actually go faster as in top speed or anything, but again the throttle response is amazing.
If I am just like driving down my neighborhood street in first gear going about 15, and then I just slam the peddle to the floor, I almost get wip lash. :gringreen

I would definitely suggest getting the SCT/CAI combo from American Muscle. :)

Good luck!
Hi everyone. Just joined this forum and I have bought the SCT/CAI combo from American Muscle with free tunes for life. I haven't got it yet it should be here next week. Do you have any advice for when I install this on my 06 'stang?
I want to buy the tuner but I need to reach the 50 comments so I can get the discount at american muscle. im almost there haha
Hi everyone. Just joined this forum and I have bought the SCT/CAI combo from American Muscle with free tunes for life. I haven't got it yet it should be here next week. Do you have any advice for when I install this on my 06 'stang?
It's a Easy Install, all you'll need is a Screw Driver to tighten dont the Clamps and a (Hex) socket to remove and re-install the MAF Sensor onto the CAI's Air Tube. The only thing to make sure of is when you take off the MAF Sensor be sure to put it back on with the Air Flow going the right way, I think there mabey an Arrow on it to show the direction of the air flow.
I want to buy the tuner but I need to reach the 50 comments so I can get the discount at american muscle. im almost there haha
Hurry up and get your 50 Comments, your Missing Out on all the FUN:bigthumbsup
Hold on if you have over 50 comments you get a discount at american muscle? how ? plz fill me in thank god i didnt just buy my tuner and cai i had it in the cart like hmm should i now or when the school year starts back up. ha
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