Ford is taking a man to court for flipping his Ford GT. And his name is John Cena.

But according to TMZ, Cena is claiming that Ford didn't put the no-resale clause in the final contract, and he's asking the judge to throw out Ford's suit.

When Ford put out the call for applications to get put on the list to buy the new GT supercar. Part of the terms of the application, and according to Ford to actually buy the car, were that the owner was not permitted to resell the car for the first 24 months. Ford sued John Cena in November, claiming that he had violated that and sold his GT after just a few weeks.

TMZ says that Cena is asking the judge to toss the case because the final contract, the one that he signed when actually buying the car, was missing that clause. Cena is saying that there was no restriction against selling the car, so he did nothing wrong.

The claim hasn't yet been tested in court, so stay tuned for that. We're just excited to see John Cena enter the courtroom.

[source: TMZ]