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It might not be a name you know, but it's one you'll remember. And he's putting on a seriously fast modified Mustang in Australia. This is the 2020 Ford Mustang **** Johnson Limited Edition by Herrod Performance. A name befitting its namesake.

Mr Johnson, if you're not familiar with the name, is a five-time Australian Touring Car Champion and three-time Bathurst 1000 winner. That means he was seriously quick, back in the day, and no stranger to performance, handling, and endurance. Today he's co-owner of the DJR Team Penske V8 Supercar team.

He wasn't always a Ford driver, but some of his most memorable wins and seasons were behind the wheel of a Ford Falcon. **** had put his name on some fast special Falcons in the past, but now the Falcon is gone.****-johnson-herrod-performace-mustang-3-980x650.jpg​

Herrod Performance is an Australian Ford tuner, and the two had collaborated on Johnson's special edition Falcons. This one is a whole lot quicker than any of those old cars, though.

It starts with the Mustang's 5.0L V8 and gives it a Ford Racing Blue little pill. A Whipple supercharger that is combined with a new exhaust and carbon fibre driveshaft to put down 850 hp, or 635 kW if you're from Aus, making it more powerful than a Shelby GT500.****-johnson-herrod-performace-mustang-1-980x650.jpg​

The car is also loaded with badges telling you it's a Limited Edition, including individual numbering for each of the 30 cars, which started as GTs with Magneride suspension. Loads of the car's new parts, including the pistons and connecting rods, are also stamped with the build number and VIN of the car. Other tweaks include a special interior with Recaro seats and brakes from the GT350R. You can also get a roll cage fitted if you don't mind losing the rear seats.

The cars are starting delivery now, but they're already sold out.


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