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judging books for a 1964 to 1973 Mustang

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I just finished my boss's 1963 corvette and we had all the information to bring it back to stock specs thanks to NCRS, they had all the information from the overspray to the hardware and color for them. no iam not a chevy fan iam "FORD FOR LIFE" but i can't find a judging book or the specs for 1964 to 73 or higher ford mustang. can anyone help me out.
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There isn't a book, it would be quite an undertaking to do one. There are many variables between years and plants. Markings on one car may not be the same with a similarly equipped car from another plant, same for the buck tags.........and one plant didn't use them much!

The best thing I know you can do is join the MCA and ask specific questions with your year, plant and options here or the Vintage Mustang Forum (VMF) where there are some MCA judges.
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