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Just a few questions regarding the 2006 Roush Mustang exhaust

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The car is a 2006 Roush sport. I want to increase the sound to really loud, but not to the point of straight pipes or the loudmouth exhausts..say, if a stock gt is a 1, and straight pipes is 10, i want to have about a some said to switch out the pipe with another xpipe....if i do that, should i get an X pipe or H pipe? how do the prices, sound and performance contrast eachother?

Also, is it possible to keep the tips, and somehow replace the mufflers? I haven't looked too much under the roush so i'm hoping some people here can throw me some insight as to how the exhaust is set up in the car. Thanks guys!
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Your exhaust options are limited with the roush. AN o/r H will increase the volume a good bit. Add headers--even more.
Okay thanks guys. One more thing. I have a friend who owns a 2003 GT who has his own set up for an exhaust, and he says an X pipe sounds alot better. i see this comparison video and the car sounds great , however, is there an X pipe in existence that is directly compatible with my Stock Roush mufflers. Thanks again guys.
alrighti found something. Mustang SLP X-Pipe (Catted 2005+ GT)

do you think this will fit my roush exhaust?
Any midpipe will work. The difference with the roush is from the overaxle pipes on back. That's the same X-pipe I run (only without cats).
Actually your noyt that limited with the roush, the system you want may just take minor fab in the axleback section, all else is bolt on like a stock GT. As for a X or H pipe to work with your current roush system there are tones of options out there. I am leaning toward Pypes X Pipe and Mid Muffler system. If you go to youtube and type in pypes mid muffler system you will see a grabber yellow Stage 2 that sounds really good. i would place a link but works IT system cut out youtube.
Okay..after taking the mufflers off and liking the thinking of just a muffler delete.

LAST QUESTION I PROMISE heh...a muffler delete is definately the way i want to go. Could someone tell me if there are kits out there that just replace the mufflers with pipes? if not, i was planning on going to midas muffler tomorrow to throw some pipes on and keep the tips. What do you guys think?
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