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Just an update to get rid of my notice...

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Well they are telling me this,
"Hello MustangGTpower it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums?"

I have been around and still reading just not so much posting, the stroker is still leaking oil and I was on active duty for the past couple weeks so havent had time to figure it out... Pretty sure the block cracked when things got tightened down, last chance it could be the oil pan gasket... I really hope so but I doubt it... If the blocks cracked the stang will be out for atleast all summer since I am broke. Just updating everyone since the forum told me to!
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well, we are glad you posted. you don't want the forums mad at you! :bigthumbsup
Yeah, except now it keep asking me to donate! LOL jk :smartass:
Yeah pretty weird huh.......this forum keeps changing and evolving.

I feel your pain my brother as I see a tear down in your future.:(

I guess I better keep posting also as I do not want my attention called :bounce2:
Yeah if its not the oil pan gasket I am just going to get a 302 block and go .030 over and build it very, very slowly myself with the little free time I have. I expect it to be ready for next summer if thats the case though. Also thinking about doing a swap with 2manystangs on his 347 shortblock.
Update again. Going to try putting an open breather on it. His dad thinks there is too much pressure in the crank case since the rings aren't seated. If that is the only problem here I am going to be ecstatic!
Breather is on! Temp registration today and been driving the car around to get miles on it. Shooting for roughly 1k-1500 miles before the dyno. Still a slight leak but now that its got the breather and is breaking in I am hoping it stops. Might take a road trip to boston this weekend thatll throw a good 500+ miles on it :bigthumbsup I am having some charging issues that I havent had before... Disconnected the stereo system and still seems to be draining... Going to go for an Optima yellow top(since I am broke gunna have to max out ANOTHER card to do it too :nono:) It sounds great although I feel like there isnt much more power than there was before the build(but I havent went over 3k rpms yet) Hopefully I can get a dyno and get that fixed asap!
Where is it leaking from?

If the breather worked and it is leaking less try another breather on the other valve cover.

If you are draining the battery then something is wrong. Take it to the autozone or whatever you have and they will check it for you for free and it might not be the battery. Don't start throwing money at it and start changing parts that might still be good.

Jraftb said theres probably no need for a second breather or to put more holes in the valve covers. But it is leaking less and once the rings are seated there shouldnt be any leakage. It was leaking from the front crank seal the input shaft and the oil pan now I believe its just the oil pan.
and my main problem with trowing a new gasket on it is that since its not broken in and if it blows out the new gasket i look like a fool, so i want to make sure its running good, and broken in before i change anything
Yeah hopefully it wont even need a new gasket. And the battery must have gotten messed up from shorting out so many times :nono:
Good for you guys and like I said I am rooting you for .....:cheerleader: :youcandothis::cheerleader:
Lol well hopefully the oil leak stops and I somehow find the money to dyno it... Thursday I am going for emissions... no EGR no cats no smog...
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