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just bought my second gt!!

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well ill have to mark this day down. just bought my wife her very own 06 gt ( and yes it is an auto ). she has test driven alot of cars over the past few months ( 06 grand prix 5.7 v-8, hummer3, impala 06 v-8, jeep commander 06, pontiac g-6 06 ,just to name a few.) oh and an 06 mustang gt. which one did she want out of them all? yup! its the premium package i-up with active anti-theft( wish mine had this.) black with twotone red / black interior and the shanker 1000, well it remains to be seen if its a and get this , $500 off msrp. damn it pays to buy now. total $33,000 tax included.(rounded up). 6yr 75,000 mile included. damn did i get the shaft when i bought mine. since i bought her car at this dealership ( they seem like good guys) maybe ill take my car there too ,perhaps. i just suks cause were gettin into winter , so i bought a shelter for her car to put up in the driveway. she'll drive sparingly at first (still has winterbeater) so her car she will drive during winter . no big , mines put away for winter, hers i get to drive , yippe. was concerned at first having 2 gt's ( driving the same car, it might hav been cool having different rides) but she says this is the one. so its hers. mine will be the hot rod , hers the every day driver. so there it is. were a 2 mustang family.:eyepoppin vynle.
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