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Just got my first Mustang

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I bought a 2002 base model a few days ago. Is there anything I should know about that model/year/mustangs in general?
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Sorry - Don't have any experience with '02's, but welcome to the site.
No, they will last through anything pretty much. I have an 02 mustang base model and it has 186600 miles. The only issue ive had is the engine has destroyed two alternators and one rear main seal. Other than that I have only put in money into the motor out of convenience and for my enjoyment. Good luck on the buy.
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Thanks to the both of you. I bought it from a used car dealership. It was a refurbished one that had been totaled with 155000 miles on it. Of course I'm noticing things I missed before buying it now, like the hood latch not fully closing ( I bungie cabled it while I work on getting a replacement latch), the passenger door having a gap between the window and door frame, having to close the passenger door just right or it doesn't fully close and having to pour gas just right or it won't fill completely. It has its quirks like all cars but I like quirks as long as they aren't hurting the vehicle.
6Stang02, I don't feel like I'm actually getting the 19mpg city. Do you know if the 19 is about right or if I'm not iimagining it? I filled up yesterday and am going to see exactly what I'm getting but I'm curious in the mean time.
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They dont get 19 city. They get 17 city. If you were as lucky as me youd get 16 city or if im really lucky I get 12.5 city! Hah good luck on your car
That's what I was afraid of haha. Thanks man, it should be a fun ride none the less.
If it is stock then you should get at least 16 mpg. Mine is modified slightly. I wouldnt do anymore than CAI and dual exhaust. Mustangs are a fun ride, even v6's.
I wouldn't even worry about mpg now that gas is under 2 bucks a gallon...What a steal. Congrats, by the way.
Congrats man! My first Mustang was an 01. I had it for 5 years and never had to do anything other than typical maintenance. Great car. I did notice the hood in mine back then didn't shut right either. I realized I had to make sure the hood release latch inside the car, was pushed back into place after pulling to release it, (as if the spring was broke), then slam the hood shut. Good luck with your's! And welcome to the club!
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The 3.8's, as 6Stang says, go forever. They're really workhorses, and the 99-04's don't have the head gasket problems that the 94-98's do. I drive mine in winter, as well, and even modified, the engine is just over 200,000 kms and there is nothing hinting at being on death's door.

Things to look for/ know:

--the seat belt retractors in these cars are terrible. Your seat belts likely hang, and that's normal for these cars
--as the cars age, there's usually a couple of gremlins in the fuel system, somewhere, in the fuel pump/ fuel pressure regulator, etc. where it feels like a power/ compression problem
--the PCV's are very aggressive, and carbon/ blowby/ oily gunk build up in the intake and you may hear some mild pinging because of it

16/17 MPG in the city is about what can be expected. They're not incredibly great on gas, but they're still fun, because they have good low end torque.
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Congratulations on the purchase. You could do a tune-up to help with the MPG but as it has been said those mpgs don't look out of the ordinary.

Any plans for the car as far as modifications? Any mods on it when you bought it?
Congrats with the 2002....I am on my 6th mustang....They are fun cars but just like any car they require maintenance and care...Good luck!
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