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Just purchased 1969 mustang 4 speed, questions?

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Hello everyone, Just purchased a 1969 Mustang, 351 C with a 4 speed, heres a youtube video of it, couple of questions I'm more of a MOPAR guy but always loved the mustang especially 69 and 70.

my question,

1. Did the 351C in 69 come with a shaker?
2. If it did were can I get the shaker kit?
3. Were to purchase a chin, rear spolier, and window louvers.
4. What color mach1 stripe did it come with and were to purchase

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Nice Ride! Both of 'em. You can get a complete shaker set up and spoilers and louvers from any of your Mustang supply places. CJ Pony Parts is who I deal with most of the time. You can also try eBay. I've got tremendous deals from eBay. Punch in CJ Pony parts on your computer and go from there.
Body parts from Year One seem to fit better than other companies. I also use Mustangs Unlimited, Dallas Mustang, and Larry's Mustang Supply. There are tons of places to choose from.
Ohio Mustang and Laural Mountain Mustang also.
NPD and Mustang's Unlimited would have the parts too, including the side stripes.

You should have a 351 windsor in that car if the motor hasn't been swapped. The cleveland wasn't offered until 70.

A Marti report would tell you exactly how the car was equipped from the factory,
::Marti Auto Works - 1955 - 1989 Ford Parts

I've ordered 3 of the deluxe reports for cars. He is the only one who has this info since he bought it from Ford.
No its a cleveland 351, the guy I purchased it from put about $15000 into the motor and drive train, it had a full rotisery restoration, electrical, motor, tranny, body, interior, I felt bad for the guy, I went to his acerage and he was in the process of moving out, he needed the car out of the garage that day, he was moving to Russia of all places he runs a drilling company over there and needed everything gone, he initially want $39000 Cdn, but I gave him $23000 instead (about $18000 USA) he gave me the car with $50000 in bills on work that had been done. THe only thing it needs, is a front end alignment (All new front end) and some exhaust work it had open heagers right now. I wont to put on the Mach 1 stripes, reverse the white letters on the tires, and get a shaker hood for the car, maybe a console aswell. P.S. he gave me a dirt bike aswell for $200 it goes great to.

I know of three different colour stripes,black/gold, gold/white and red/black. Since you're in Edmonton, you may want to try The Mustang Shop in Calgary, Bruce is a good guy to deal with.
All previous listed places are good, I also use and, all places carry the parts. I think the last post is exactly right about the color stripes, ive always prefered the red!, but no they did not come standard anway with shakers, they were those bolt on fake scoops. I think that it was an option though
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