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Just the Mufflers Only !!!

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I am looking for a louder sounding MUFFLER only for my 2006 stang GT..
I called Midus up and they will put on Flowmasters on for me at $350.
Unless you people think I I should buy another type of Muffler and have them put in in?
I don't want to go crazy and pay alot for 2 mufflers.
Will ONLY changing the Mufflers will make that much of a differance?
I am looking for a louder sound.And If I get flowmasters what ones would you all say I should get ...Thanks...............Thanks allll JohnnyT
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The hardest part of doing it your self is getting the stock exhaust off. Some of the bolts are in some really hard to reach parts.

The worst one is the vertical driver side front hanger bolt - that's the hardest one for sure. If you get that off, you're home free :eyepoppin . The reason it's so hard to get to is because the muffler itself is in the way and prevents easy access. The trick to getting it on/off is to get a simple wrench and hug the muffler while lying on your back and feel blindly for the bolt with your finger and then proceed to loosen it - you won't be able to see what you're doing but that's the tricky part.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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