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Just the Mufflers Only !!!

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I am looking for a louder sounding MUFFLER only for my 2006 stang GT..
I called Midus up and they will put on Flowmasters on for me at $350.
Unless you people think I I should buy another type of Muffler and have them put in in?
I don't want to go crazy and pay alot for 2 mufflers.
Will ONLY changing the Mufflers will make that much of a differance?
I am looking for a louder sound.And If I get flowmasters what ones would you all say I should get ...Thanks...............Thanks allll JohnnyT
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05GTSILVER said:
do not do the flowmasters your self. they are charging about 50-75 for install, that's worth it. the flowmasters are very big mufflers and are a pain to install, and they are very likely to rattle, bc they rub on the rear most hangers, rear most bolt. and they also tend not to line up perfect without some adjustment to the over axle pipe, rotating it a bit. but do get these mufflers, the sound is worth it, and bc of the baffle design (i.e. not fiberglass packing) the sound will NEVER change.
I had no rub, rattle or hanger issues with the install of my American Thunder kit. Took 30 minutes to remove the stock and replace with the new ones. Hardest part was lining them up, took a few trys to get it just right.

They sound healthy now.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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