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Just the Mufflers Only !!!

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I am looking for a louder sounding MUFFLER only for my 2006 stang GT..
I called Midus up and they will put on Flowmasters on for me at $350.
Unless you people think I I should buy another type of Muffler and have them put in in?
I don't want to go crazy and pay alot for 2 mufflers.
Will ONLY changing the Mufflers will make that much of a differance?
I am looking for a louder sound.And If I get flowmasters what ones would you all say I should get ...Thanks...............Thanks allll JohnnyT
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What i have found, is our new stang is muffled more by the cats than by the actual mufflers. There is an article in "muscle mustangs and fast fords" that did a comparison between 4 or 5 different mufflers. They did a baseline test without any muffler and the car was only slightly louder, as measured by their decibel test.

I also ran with offroad x-pipes for about a week, with the stock mufflers and the car was much louder and more aggressive sounding. I absoultly loved the new sound, but the noise vibration, and harshness from the front was not worth it. So i am back to stock, for now.
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