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Just the Mufflers Only !!!

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I am looking for a louder sounding MUFFLER only for my 2006 stang GT..
I called Midus up and they will put on Flowmasters on for me at $350.
Unless you people think I I should buy another type of Muffler and have them put in in?
I don't want to go crazy and pay alot for 2 mufflers.
Will ONLY changing the Mufflers will make that much of a differance?
I am looking for a louder sound.And If I get flowmasters what ones would you all say I should get ...Thanks...............Thanks allll JohnnyT
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Yes, it's easy. Plus, Flowmasters are only about $275. I did not even use ramps. I fronted the car into the garage and let the back stick out, (apartment dwellers can put two tires up on a curb). Two mounting things hold the rods in place, it's all clean and nice work.

When you are done with that we will test the ohm's of resistance in our spark plug wires. Ohm's law is so cool!
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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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