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Just went back to my Winter Tires....My observations

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OK.....this morning went back to my winter can see my summer set up in my signature......I think next spring I'm going with a non-staggered 19" set just feels better with my 19" wheels.....more balanced......the 19" with the suspension mods get's it down that extra little bit that insprires I know I'm on Blizzaks so I won't be hitting the nurberging....but if I had great tires on these rims I imagine it would feel even better.....get up and go is more lively as well....Wow...

Yep...I'm in the market for some great 19" rims with wide performance tires (non-staggered) for all four corners for spring time......I think I'll smile much bigger......running around the autobahn next year....
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I understand where you're coming from. Id imagine a staggered setup would make the car understeer more than a square setup.

Happy with the feedback on my 18x10s. car just grips like crazy :bigthumbsup
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