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Hey Guys,

I would like to elliminate or drastically reduce the K-Member/Front end twisting/jiggling everytime i drive on rough roads. Is this possible?

I currently own a 2010 ROUSH 427 convertible. By Roush OEM, the car comes with a lowered and stiffer suspension makes the car front end jiggling amplified!

Because of the RoushCharger, I cannot find a strut brace that would fit. There is a lot of stuff out on the market, but I want something that will work!

Does any of you guys have any proposed solution or a combination to help me?

On my previous Cobra 97 I did try the subframe connectors. It kinda help but not to my expectation.

Thanks for your help and taking the time to answer!!:worship

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well stiff or compliant...pick one, there are tradeoffs for the handling of a car, the main one being the skipping on rough pavement...maximum motorsports has the best suspension stuff
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