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Hey All,
I am sure many of you know this already, but I just discovered this information and thought I would share it. I recently purchased a K&N Aircharger kit (aka: CAI) and I live in California, the land of ridiculous smog laws. After I had the K&N CAI installed by a trustworthy mechanic, I was told I need a "EO #" or a "carb #" and one was not included in my kit. I was told that since my car is brand new, I wont have to worry about it for 2+ years, you know when I go to get it smogged certified. Me being a normal car loving guy and not knowing what the heck a EO# or carb# is I inquired as to where to get one. I called the dealer who sold the CAI to me, he passed me on to K&N themselves. I called them and I discovered that currently, as of today (14OCT05) the K&N CAI IS NOT CALIFORNIA APPROVED!! :happyhapp Which means for all of us that live in the overpriced, smog riddled state, technically speaking, we can not pass smog if we have a K&N CAI. Now, I do not know if this is true for all the other CAIs out there, but from what I hear, K&N is near the top of the food chain in this area, it would be my logical guess that the other CAIs are also not California Approved. However, K&N states that they expect their CAI will be California approved within 6 months to a year or so (depending on whenever the CA government gets up off their happy butts and approves the design). Anyways, just food for thought!:eyebulge:
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Yup! This is a well known fact for us California folks. Look at the fine print on the K&N 63 Aircharger --- says not street legal in California --- I noticed that on the K&N web site before I purchased mine. Don't worry, it should be legal by the time 2 years go by since K&N told me they had submitted the paper work to California and were waiting for approval --- If you need help go see Arnold baby:) . If not approved just put your old air box back in and once you pass slip the K&N back in. The alternative is to move to Humboldt County in California ---- no smog required here until you sell your vehicle --- pays to live in the sticks --- and it's nicer too ----- the gateway to the Redwoods!!!


I was smart enough to hold on to my factory air box (which by the way happens to have a K&N high flow air filter in it) just in case I either out grow my hot rod phase (not likely since I have been a hot rodder for 20 years) or have to get the car through smog, whichever comes first. K&N mentioned that once it is approved, it will be the 57 series instead of the 63 series. Oh well, I guess I will just enjoy the extra horses for a couple of years. I work for good ol' Arny, so I will just have to get him to sign off on my smog because my girl is so hot. :winks
I have the carb cert from my cobra's fipk i will sell you if interested.
CA just changed the smog check law so you don't need a new car smogged for the first 6 years (including model year). This means that a 2005 won't need to be smogged till 2011 and a 2006 is good to 2012.
Cool Geo!

Also... if they don't open the hood they'll never know you had it...emissions are going to be better than stock!
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