The apple often doesn't fall far from the family tree, and that still holds true even if you're a rally driver and professional drifter. Ken Block, who does both of those things exceptionally well, is teaching his daughter how to do donuts.

But 13-year old Lia isn't getting any old car to learn to drift, she's using the Ford Escort from one of the Gymkhana videos. He already taught her how to drive stick just a few days before in his Focus RS, and she's been driving carts and UTVs for years.

They're at the Utah Motorsports Campus and since you're supposed to teach your kids yourself these days, it's time for gym class. That's Gymkhana class.

While Block says this is his easiest car to drift, it still uses a sequential gearbox. And as he reminds you, you need to use the clutch whenever you hit the handbrake. And this car makes its boost up high, so you need to give it plenty of right shoe. We've never seen a clutch kick on a driving exam before either.

The best part is, of course, how much fun it looks like they're both having. But the donuts are pretty good too.