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Kenne Bell vs. ProCharger Indecisiveness

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I'm leaning towards the Kenne Bell for my 03 GT, but it seems there aren't many support videos that I can easily find. I'm also having a brutal time getting a hold of anyone at Kenne Bell, or even getting a response to my emails. The phone there is always busy.

The ProCharger seems to be more readily available to me and there are a number of videos that show how the installation works.

I'm not planning to install myself, but would like to see and compare what is actually being installed on my car with either kit.

Hopefully its just my inability and computer skills with the internet that aren't helping me find installation videos of the Kenne Bell.

Can any one provide some comments on my situation and if they've had similar dealings with Kenne Bell?
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You have posted in the v6 section , you'll get better member response in the 4.6 threads for your GT . I believe all Kenne Bell retail is through their website , navigating through the top banner should get you everything you need including communication and tech support .

Thx and sorry about posting in the wrong spot. I'm an idiot
No problem , you're not an idiot , he moved to Texas and renounced his citizenship .
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