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Kenwood Dnx5120

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I researched for a long time before I bought the Kenwood DNX5120. Its a good deck and I thought since there wasnt much info out there on it cause its pretty new I would post some picks after the install to show you how it looks in a 2006 mustang.....Its got tons of features including dvd,ipod controls,navigation and many more....check it out....I can answer any questions
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What options did you add? ipod, bluetooth, xm/sirius?
I just added ipod so far. At the time I ordered the deck the bluetooth KCA BT-200 option wasnt available anywhere. Now I have seen it is in stock everywhere so I will be ordering that soon. So far I have had it in for a week now and I really like it. The ipod controls are and it shows the album art which is cool.
Another thing thats cool is the navigation is included and is on a built in hard drive so you dont need to bother with a navigation disk. I think Garmin is the best...just my opinion.

Just wondering now that you have had the DNX5120 for a little while if you think it is a good deck and what are some of the best things about it and some of the worst things!? The ipod album art is definetely a cool feature.

How is the i-pod video player? Does the car have to be in park to play i-pod videos?

Thanks for any feedback!
I do think its a very nice deck..completely happy with it so far. There a a few things I really like about the deck. 1. the ipod interface is nice. The album art is is set up nice as far as navigating through researched decks and wanted the best ipod friendly deck and I believe this one is the best. 2. The built in garmin navigation works good..I may be biased but I like garmin alot. Street names are shown and also voiced by the system so you can hear it as well as see it. You can also minimize it and see a small version of directions on screen as you view radio or ipod controls. I installed it myself so I grounded the wire that would prevent you from watching videos or changing navigation while driving...very easy to do. Otherwise it would suck having to pull over to change navigation routing or just to watch the dvd(not that I condone watching while driving! ) I havent really tried ipod video. I will look into that for you and reply back when I get a chance. But the dvd player works nice and the quality on the screen is pretty flawless. I would definetly recomned the deck based on the ipod controls and built in navigation alone.
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thanks for the follow up, I went ahead and ordered one! Saletronics have them on sale for $619 so I went ahead and got one! cant wait to install it !
Installing the brackets

I am about to buy the 5120 and largely because of the great things I heard about it. My only concern is that during some of my research I have heard the bracket doesn't fit well in the car and leaves gaps which are visible. I was wondering where you purchased your installation gear and if you had any problems?

I bought mine on ebay brand new from a company called sonic electronix... They included the install kit needed with the deck for free. It fit good. No problems with gaps etc. Easy install in my opinion.
background photo

Ok I purchased the 5120 and it is exactly what I wanted. The brackets fit perfect and the controls are pretty easy to understand. The only problem I have found is that in the user interface everything is blacked out and won't let me select to change my background screen. Any thoughts on how to upload the photo?:scratchchin
I'm strongly considering buying this unit for my next car. However, I've got a couple questions for anyone who owns it. ;)

1.) Is there any way to control how bright the screen is? It seems that the brightness may get annoying at night.

2.) How does the Shaker 500 / Shaker 1000 sound with this unit installed? Is there a large improvement?

3.) Are there many customization features (such as custom backgrounds / themes)?

4.) Is it possible to play iPod videos while driving?

5.) Are there any shields / covers to put over this while not using it? I'll be parking my car on some questionable streets and I'd like to put some type of cover over it while I'm not in the car. This should hopefully make it look like there isn't a $700 head unit in the car and hopefully deter thieves. ;) I'll also have window tint and I'll be purchasing a Viper Proximity Alarm, but a cover would help I'm sure.

6.) K_cin_az: I noticed that you purchased one from Saletronics. Did everything work out correctly?

Any help is appreciated!

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