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Greeting everyone,

I have a 1991 Mustang. Stupidly I have been ignoring a problem with my key lock cylinder going bad. I should have replaced it when I changed the ignition switch this past summer.

My problem is I can not get the cylinder out when I depress the pin. I can so far remove the keys(i have an old worn key and a new one). My wheel locks and unlocks. When the wheel is locked, the pin doesn't seem to move, but unlocked, I can slightly press it down. I tried to jiggle it out with the key turned as far forward as it can go(in the on-start position), I think this is correct.

I do not have a huge knowledge of cars so this it what is happening. The lock seems to have some range of motion, but does not seem to have an accessory position(accessories do not work in this position). My accessory position seems to be the off position(my engine light, oil light etc. come on in the off position). The car does start in what appears to be the on position.

I don't know if this is related or a separate problem, but even though the car starts, I can not get it to go into gear(it's an automatic). I hope that I provided enough info for any ideas. I'm wondering if I'm going to have to drill it out and if so, will a new lock cylinder allow the car to go into gear? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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