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Kicker's alternative to keep the stock speaker system and make it sound good?

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Was surfing and found this...I don't know if I would ever get this setup as the same amt. of money can get you a better sounding solution...only thing I like about it is how clean the install would be:

Soundgate™ Powerstage™ System by Kicker Upgrade the basic factory sound system in select 2011 Ford Mustang coupes at
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This looks like its only the kicker 4ch amp and the subwoofer. I would go onto Shelby take offs website as they all 4 speakers, amp, and sub for roughly the same price. There were also 8' door sub replacements but I'm not 100% they were included in that package.

As for SQ, I can think they will be better than stock but I have no experience with them. The huge plus is that it all interconnects with your stock unit. If u aren't a huge audiophile I would say this would be a great addition. And it really is plug and play. The equipment all has clips that plug into existing factory units. And they are sized to mount all concealed.

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