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L.E.D. lights green to blue, 2002 Mustang GT

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hey guys, i have an 02 GT and was just wondering if you can chnage those green lights throughout the car, like the radio, displays, etc. into a different color like make them blue....thanks
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you might be able to for your dash, but i dont know about the raido, i think it is with in the player (cd,mp3 what ever u have). you might have to get a new cd player that glows the color u like. and it aint that hard to find them now a days, since most of them are blue lighted anyways. but if you change to blue u might want a light blue since if u have the miles (cant remember name lol) but the glow of a dark color will not show up good at all, on a dark night. and you can change the interior lights easy, just open the casing and change it to a blue light :) .
Yeah you can get different backlighting panels for the instrument cluster, but you're stuck with the green lights on the radio unless you change the radio.
this is something I'm interested in too, I just bought a new deck with blue lighting, I changed my dome light to blue, I want blue gauges, AC, and transmission too! HOW!!!
anyone have the part # of the led bulb? I'd like to put some blue ones on for my gauge cluster.

or a link to where I can get some of them at?

id also like to see a picture if available.
Just buy a new gauge cluster. They are simple to install and they will change the color to what you want.

Otherwise, you'll be sitting there soldering away without guaranteed success.
yeah i changed my hole dash out to blue. the AC plate is just a green filment and and so are ur gauges.
Hey 03Stang

Do you have any pics of what you replaced in the gauge cluster? Did you replace the "filament" or bulbs? if it was bulbs what model #

Thanks but...

Thats the write up that inspired me to do this, and when I took my dash apart, I was disappointed that the dash in my '01 doesn't use 194/168 bulbs, the AC panel does, and I replaced those two, but they still show up green. My dash panel is like the one in this write up for the bullit gauge install

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I think you might have to sand the color down on the back of the AC panel. I read that there is a green tint that is put on the back of the panel. I could be wrong. Check on the back of the panel and see if the area the light comes out of, see if its clear, or a green.
Guage cluster bulb change from green to blue

Anyone know if this will work on a 2001 Mustang GT and also what kelvin temp bulb do I need to get from this web site will I need to use to get the bluest color effect.:headscratch:
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