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large diagrams of 1965 mustang

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I have been looking for a resource for larger diagrams, meaning BIGGER than what are available in the books that I have found showing exploded views of various parts of the car. Not too interested in the base mechanics of the engine or tranny, but more the wiring, the build of the body and interior, the door mechanisms and the like. Does someone have an idea or am I stuck with what the books out there provide, which are smallish pics. I have tried to scan and blow a few up on my large plotter printer, but the original from the books are not that great, and I worry about copyright issues as well. I make software for a living so we are all very sensitive to stealing intellectual property. So if anyone has a resource send it my way

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I'v never seen anything bigger than the factory service manual. Office max has an enlarger/copier that might do a good job for you. As long as you're only going to use it for your own use, I don't think it would be a legal problem. People have been photocopying book pages since there were photocopiers.
Hello.:) I've been isolating the systems from the original wiring diagrams so that it isn't so 'busy' on the page. The charging system is a seperate diagram, the starting system, etc... I haven't done them all yet, but will have by some time in the very near future. If you click on the little house that's under my user name, that will take you to what I've gotten finished so far. If there's a particular system that you're interested in, let me know, and I'll go ahead and move that one up towards the top of my 'to do' list. :)
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The diagrams are bigger and I can actually read them that is a good thing. You were so kind as to show me the window images but I am still a bit lost, I just dont see where everything goes and how it hooks together, so I probably have the wrong book, but if you are with time on your hands and have a schematic of the door, window, lock of the door and where all these seemingly endless bunch of metal hooks together, that would be great, I owe you a free room in vegas, so hit me up for it when and if you come to town.

Hi again.:) I'll get started on that in the morning. That would probably be useful to a bunch of people. It really isn't complicated at all. It's just that, when you can't see the stuff and you don't know up front what's going on in there, it can get a little confusing.:)
Hi again.:) And there it is. Waaaay more than you ever wanted to know about a door latch.:gringreen If there is anything in there that is unclear or confusing, please let me know and I'll try to clarify things. The whole purpose is so that people can click over to it, read it, and then successfully repair their car.:)
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