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Largest Wheel size for the rear???

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I do not know if anyone has asked this question. If so, please direct me to it. I did do a search first and couldn't find anything. I am looking at a set of wheels I am in love with. The only problem is, the widths are 2 sizes. 7.5" and 13". Will 13" Wide wheels fit nicly in the '05s or will they stick out, or not possible? Please let me know. It is kinda stupid to only have those 2 sizes, but o'well. LMK!!

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Just recieved a set of chrome deep dish wheels from

Its the set they have for the 2005 Mustang (18X9 for the front, 18X10 in the back). Ordered some Bfgoodrich g-force KDW-2 tires (255 45r18 front, 285 40r18 rear) last nite:). Saw some pics of the wheels and tires on a 05 Mustang, but forgot where:(. I woudn't go any fatter than 10 in. wide in the back and 9 in. wide in the front. Ill post pics when I get the set up on . Later


Thats what i figured. My dad has 13" wide on his viper and that is super huge. I'll see if I get a rim from them and mount it to see how it fits. apprciate the help.
I, like Silverado, have 9" front and 10" rear wheels on my '05 GT. Try this website They have an extensive selection of wheels. They are not cheap, but they are of the finest quality and are custom made to order. Mine fit perfectly and the rear 285/40/18 BFG's have just enough clearance. Cost is about the same as Foose, or Am. Racing $400/500 each depending on diameter. They are made of highly polished billet aluminum. America's Tire handles them.
appreciate it. I will check out that site!
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