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So, my buddy and i got into a argument at work today (he has a 01 SS LS1 Camaro) and i have well my 02 GT. Well anyhow we are always on look out for light we even ran in the boonies, 40-140 runs and what not and i was right there with him on all 3 of those 40-140 runs he was ahead but i was still not a 1/2 car away. I always pick on him that i take pride on mine because mines built not bought you know how that saying goes. Anyhow i told him that i view his car to a Vette C5 like he views his to mine and hes like bla bla this and bla bla that and i go dude you are running stock vs my GT and i keep up with you as is right now and i am like why you afriad that your car will be #2 out of all our friends instead of 1. and hes like oh it will never be. i was like you claim my g/fs dad 05 6.0L GTO will loose to you.

OK enough of the background, so at 12 we leave work for lunch and we go looking for lights we catch 3 lights and we did 2 rolling goes at like 40mph or 35, on one i was in 3rd and he in 2nd and he put me pretty far back i admit. the one run that was 35 i was in 2nd and i kept up until mid 3rd were that upper ls1 power pulled on me.

Now for my triple off the light spankings, the best one was the first were i dropped it at 2grand , i spun out with forward motion through out 1st and half of 2nd and i puilled on him pretty hard i must say until mid 3rd around 80mph. the next 2 runs we did were off lights too and i took him but not as bad, due to my over spinning out.1 and almost all of 2nd.

I think when i get my 373s, Throttlebody/Plenum combo, and a good dyno tune, i will have the upper end.

His best time ever was 13.4 other have been 13.8 14.0. My best time has been 13.9 and 14.0. my 13.9 was with pretty good 1st gear spinning and some 2nd gear too, i think i might have gotten a 13.7/13.8 with a better launch.

Anyhow thats my adventure for Sat morning.

p.s. brakes heat up fast =) lol perhaps slotted and drilled rotors are option ? =)
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so at work today, i asked my buddy, so what about those 3 lights we caught. and hes like what about them, and i said oh the way i took you. and hes like BITC* please you didnt take me. I said yes i did i took you on the 3 lights and you too me on the 2 rolling runs. and hes like i didnt loose any. and i said why can i accept that i lost the 2 rolling but you cant accept you lost off the light, i told you i was going to race off line and when i got to top 3rd around 90 i was going to let go which is what i did. and hes like i didnt loose any. and i said fine be a pus** im not wasting any more gas on you, your not worth it if you can accept your losses, everyone else does, why cant you. and he didnt say anything. so i said be a a$$ and walked away.

I believe i would have deck him and knocked him out if we hadnt been at work on lunch.

anyhow that goes to show you. never trust Fbodies if they are cocky =)

p.s. my only hope is that when my g/f gets her trans am ws6. and shes going to let me pick out some mods and put some stuff on hers, ill put some 373s SLP Intake/Exhast. She will run cicles around his lil "untouchable" SS

p.s.s. no offense to any F-body people in here, or that know people with them just my friends a Jerk.
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