Lego's latest car is a Mustang. No, it's not a full-size kit. Or even one of their new giant kits. But that's probably for the best, because, like the car its based on, that means that the Lego 1967 Ford Mustang is a little more attainable.

The new kit is 1,471 pieces and is in the Expert category, meaning that it will take some work to assemble. It's not the first Lego-stang, but it is the most detailed. The assembled car is 13-inches long, and, like most Mustangs, will let you do extensive customization. Zoomies, a supercharger, nitrous oxide tanks, and even aero pieces front and rear let you pick and choose how far from stock you want to go. You can even raise the rear to give it that sweet 1970s stance.

The doors and trunk are functional, revealing the Lego-detailed interior. And you can pop that brick hood and see the detailed Ford V8 that lurks beneath.

The Lego Creator Mustang will go on sale March 1st at Lego stores and online. The price for the new kit is $149.99.