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leaf spring help

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im in the progress of a suspention over haul. its about time to replace all the old leafspring bushings. ive done springs and shocks a few times, so it wasnt a big deal, but ive never worked with leaf springs, any tips and pointers befor i start would be greatly helpful.
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Leaf springs are easy - you shouldn't have any trouble.

If you are changing the rear shocks, you should go ahead and disconnect them on the top end while the car is still sitting on the ground. If not, you can leave it connected and just swing the spring plate out of the way when you get it disconencted from the axle.

Jack the rear end up by the body and put stands under it, letting the rear suspension hang.

Remove the u-bolts from the spring plate to disconnect the axle from the spring.

Put your jack under the axle, nearest the side you are working on and lift the axle up off the spring to take the weight off. The leaf spring no longer has any tension on it.

From that point you can disconnect the spring from the body (front) and the shackle (rear), do what you need to (replace the bushings, change springs, whatever) and bolt it back together.

Rinse and repeat on the other side.

Good luck and have fun.
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There are specs.

Unfortunately I don't have my service manual here with me or I would check for you.

You really should consider getting one. The Ford manual is available in paper or on disk online, but you can pick up the Hayne's version at any autoparts store for $20. It's not as inclusive as the Ford shop manual but is great for stuff like torque and fluid specs and the like. The first page in each section lists the torque specs for each fastener in that system. I keep the Hayne's manual around for just that reason- their layout is good for quick reference.
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