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leak from between my engine and oil pan

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i have a 2000 gt auto. It seems to have a small leak , almost enough to drip and hit the ground. it seems to be coming from the bell housing spacer area. can the spacer itself leak or Is that the rear main seal? could i reuse the spacer and just get the gasket??
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im just not much for additives i just don't believe in them :surprise: . but is the bell housing spacer reuseable or should i buy a new one if i was going to take it off already
actually it is tranny fluid . i looked it over and wiped it down really good. i should have posted that before lol
and im talking about the metal spacer that is in between the engine and tranny . manuals have them too. i think ill just order a new one its 40 bucks .i don't want to put it all back together and have the spacer not fit due to it warping and old age.
do you mean the entire bell housing needs to be replaced???
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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