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leak from between my engine and oil pan

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i have a 2000 gt auto. It seems to have a small leak , almost enough to drip and hit the ground. it seems to be coming from the bell housing spacer area. can the spacer itself leak or Is that the rear main seal? could i reuse the spacer and just get the gasket??
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I think I have a similar problem. I think its the main seal most likely.
You could buy a product to expand that seal. I did this and it seems to have helped somewhat - Good luck!
You're right, additives should be a last resort before disassembly, it's all about convenience.

BTW you are sure it is oil and not trans fluid?
Trans fluid could be coming from the torque convertor drain plug or the pan. Did you have a recent trans fluid change?
Maybe they didn't tighten stuff down enough.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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