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LED tail lights & halo lights,2004 Mustang

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i've been looking for some led tail lights and some halo front lights for my mustang- problem is i have NO IDEA what i'm doing?!! i've found some on e-bay and i would have to have them professionally installed but i don't have a clue where to start!

eventually i want to switch to low pro tires w/black rims?!

can anyone help?

i have a 2004 40th edition metallic light silver ford mustang!!

((that i just paid off- GO ME!!))

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Welcome aboard... Check out our V6 section for help.
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Hiya, welcome to the site. The tech sections should be able to help you.
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Welcome to the site. Mustangsunlimited has the LED's starting at $239.00.
check American Muscle
they have good prices and a section on how to install the lights
its easy ...
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