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Lemonade from lemons

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My cruising season ended on opening day (evening) of whitetail season with a deer hit. Returning home from a beautiful sunset ride with my wife (who is on board with this mustang phobia) a small kamikaze buck attacked the front left of my toy (yes, I got the deer, it's in my freezer). Ordered the parts through CJ Pony (Hood, bumper, bumper brackets, valence, left headlight assembly, grill) to repair the hit. While I was at it replaced the right door which was damaged by a P.O. and new window weather stripping. The work is complete, fit and paint looks great, and the car is garaged for the winter. That was an unexpected $3k expenditure for items that were to be 2 years down the road but it sure looks good! I'll chip away on some mechanical and interior work this winter but it will still be a many year project that can be enjoyed throughout the process. Driving this car when it looks good is a true feel good experience! It is a piece of movable art to me. The addiction is strong enough for me to know I couldn't face dealing with a trashed mustang when it's time to cruise again. Good luck to everybody faced with those unexpected setbacks.
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don't you love it when a plan comes together....:winks glad you got it fixed.
I do love it! Unexpected plans are quite often the most satisfying. Thankyou Mark
RCXDM, we're almost neighbors. I live between Brenham and Bellville.
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