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The History:

A couple of years ago we inherited an '87 Mustang GT from my mother in-law. She bought the car brand new and never really drove it. When we got the car it had 48,000 miles on it and still smelled brand new when you ran the ac or heat.

It sat in Michigan for most of its life because they were a military family and never took the car with them when they moved from base to base. Over the years my father in-law played shade tree mechanic and really screwed the body up by trying to repair some rust.

The car sat in my back garage for 2 years. I would go out and turn her over once an month or so and let it run till it would get up to temp. Now I have the money and the time to really start working on her.


I pulled her around to the front garage yesterday and put her up on jack stands. In the shot term I want to get her on the road and put a few miles on her. Just from looking over the car yesterday I have put together a short list of Items im going to need. What I need from you guys is some input on the type and source to get the items. Please keep in mind I want to get the car back to OEM specs as cheaply as possible. Her is the list:

Shocks front/rear

Tie rod ends

Brake lines

Calipers (for me its easier to replace then to rebuild)

Front disks

Brake pads front and rear

Rear drums

Rear drum kit

Front anti-sway bar bushings

Front and rear bearings

Head lights (they have yellowed and buffing them out didn’t help)


Radiator hoses

All vacuum lines

And a good set of tires for the turbine type rims.

After the car is safe to drive I will take it in for a fresh coat of paint. Afer that I want to turn her into a G pulling monster.

You are probably asking you self why not do that right off the bat. Here is the answer:

The wife wants to get rid of the car. I have until mid January to make the car road worthy and looking good. That it the time line I was given to show some progress. I hate to say this but she is right. I have had the car for over 2 years and I havent done a thing to it.

I will post some pics of her in a few.

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