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License plate holder for shelby CS6 front bumper

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I am thinking about getting a shelby CS6 front bumper cover installed on my 2006 mustang V6, but in Illinois you need to have a front license plate on your car. I don't want to drill into a new bumper, but I also don't want to get pulled over for not having a front license plate. Does anyone have a bracket that lets you mount a license plate onto the CS6 bumper without drilling any holes into the front of the bumper?
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Just put it on your dash. IF you get pulled over, and I promise it won't be for the plate, then just tell them you are headed to get a plate holder because you just got the bumper.
I want my car to look good and it might look kind of trashy if I just drove with it on my dash.
Well they do make the holders that pull out from under the front when you need em. They have the remote operated ones and manual operated. Do a search on the forums. There are a few threads about em.
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You should be able to get this to work. This is the manual one, but you can also get an automatic version.
electric,only conern with the dash is a chance of getting pulled over.If you go out and have a drink just push the button.Have it ship at work and get it @ wholesale $110.00


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