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lifter not pumping up?

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went to the dyno a month ago and my #6 intake rocker fell off had to lemp it home about 15 miles put the rocker back on adjusted the preload (half turn) couple weeks later went to readjust and check to make sure everything is ok tryed to set the preload on the #6 intake rocker and it never gets tight like the lifter isnt pumping up it also ticks. the engine is completely new, the lifters are comp cam high energys the pushrods are trick flow 6.250 the rockers are comp cam ultra golds with polylocks. the motor only has 250 miles on it.
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check out the "valve adjustment how to procedure" under the "essential 5.0 tech..." sticky. Pretty good step by step write up and good to glance over to ensure you didn't miss something during adjustment.
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