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I would like to see posted any Suggestion and Ideas to lighten my mustang up. I need to seriously put the car on a diet. I need to loose well over 500 lbs. :headscratch::D...

Here is the big trick the car has to remain legal under DOT regulations.

If anyone has links to websites for Carbon fiber or Fiber glass that would be great. My car is a 1979 mustang... See pics at cardomain

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Welcome to the forums!

lose rear tire, jack
put in smaller aluminum gas tank

lose rear and passenger seats

rear and side windows go to plastic.

most of console
radio equitment.

Ac pump
PS pump

cut and refinish rear area

fiberglass body ( google it )

tubular front and rear suspentons

cut fender wells

and you should be about there.... what a rough ride though!

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Front sway bar: 21 lbs (racing only)
Front bumper: 24 lbs
Move battery to the trunk: 0 but moving a 50 lb box to the trunk improves traction
Replace steel hood with fiberglass hood: 15 lbs
Remove trunk/hatch carpet and sound deadener: 15 lbs
Remove tailpipes and install turn downs: 20 lbs
Remove rear seats and associated parts: 47 pounds
Remove front seats and replace with lightweight racing seats: 24 lbs
Replace steering rack with 1981 or older manual rack and remove power steering pump: 16 lbs
Remove rear sway bar: 14 lbs (racing only)
Replace front wheels & tires with lightweight skinnies: 32 lbs
Remove heater, stereo, speakers, under carpet padding, center console, misc. interior items: 63 lbs
Replace rear wheels & tires with lightweight wheels and slicks: 20 lbs
Remove spare tire & jack: 42 lbs
Remove exhaust from header collector back: 51 lbs (racing only)
Remove window mechanisms and side impact bracing within doors: 36 lbs
Replace iron heads with aluminum: 40 lbs
Replace radiator with aluminum: 15 lbs
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