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Limited Availability Charge - $2500

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This is the sticker that I saw on all the Mustang GTs at a local dealership. $2500 was added to the sticker price of each one. Are you kidding me. Are people really paying this? :eyebulge: I bet this lot had 20 GTs on it. Didn't look too "limited" to me.
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mrGT said:
I have yet to figure out why what somebody else pays for a car is such a volitile issue with other people. It's like a game to see who can pay the least for the car. In my world, I don't worry about what others pay, I go by "If you're willing to write the check, the price isn't too high." Don't you think that the ones who pay above MSRP for a car, know that they have almost a certain chance of losing that amount when they sale the car? It's their money, for heaven's sake, they can do with it as they please.

The only reason I can see for worrying about what some one else pays, is either, 1) it's your inheritance they are spending, 2) you will be paying the notes, 3) it stops you from being able to buy it. If it's none of these, "Why care?"

I would bet, when the time comes for you to sell your car, you will have the same opinion as the dealer.....sell it for what you think it is worth. If one thinks they can get more than blue book, they usually try....if it doesn't sell, then the price starts to come down.....just like a dealer. I would never call any one "greedy" for doing's a capitalist country we live in.

The same game could be played for modding out a car....not everyone is going to pay the same prices to get a car modded.
...while I understand what you're saying, I don't agree. It bothers me because inevitably when the dealers get away with it with someone else, they try it with me. I'm not very happy with my dealer (Kings Crown in Brunswick GA) but I was happy with the sales guy himself. The problem comes when they start talking like the Pony you're looking at is some kind of collectible, and people paying well over MSRP allows them to do that.
In the case of the new GT500, I can almost understand it. They're going to be limited, and everybody's going to want one. I would expect most people will pay over MSRP for it.
It's just like me and cellphones. I use a Treo 650, which is pretty high-end. Every year that a new model has come out, I've bought it, regardless of price, just so I could have the cool new toy. When it comes to Mustangs that are a dime a dozen though, it makes me angry. Not to mention that when someone buys a 'stang they are joining our club, whether we like it or not. And when they pay too much for their membership it makes all of us look a tad dumber.
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