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Limited Slip Differential?

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This Friday I'll be ordering a Screaming Yellow GT Coupe, Auto (Had to compromise with wife) and the vehicle comes with traction control. I would like somebodys opinion re the limited slip differential option. I understand that it transfers power to another wheel when one is slipping. Isn't this kinda like what traction control already does? Please help me decide if this is an option I should get or forget. Thanks!!
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That would be a "must have" if you plan on doing any hard launches. TCS limits the wheel slip using the brakes and RPM control. Good if you're on ice and trying to stay in control of the car.

Where as the LSD evenly distributes power to both output shafts regardless of traction.
I saw a thread over on mustangsource saying the 06 GT's had the LSD as a paid option, where the 05's had it as part of the standard GT package. I figured the poster had seen a similar option break down some where.

Wouldn't know personally, orderd an 05 myself.
My dad is 57, I've never known the man to race or drive faster than 10mph over the limit. 5 minutes with him in the drivers seat of my GT and we're rocketting down a back highway @100+mph with a cloud of smoke behind us and $hit eating grin on his face.

NEVER is a very long time :winks and at less than $300 I'd add it, even if I told myself it was only to make it an easy resale later down the road.
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1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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