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Limited Slip Differential?

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This Friday I'll be ordering a Screaming Yellow GT Coupe, Auto (Had to compromise with wife) and the vehicle comes with traction control. I would like somebodys opinion re the limited slip differential option. I understand that it transfers power to another wheel when one is slipping. Isn't this kinda like what traction control already does? Please help me decide if this is an option I should get or forget. Thanks!!
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ultraclyde said:
Isn't the trac-loc standard on the gt and optional on the v6 ?

Trac-loc - prevents 1 wheel burnouts :eyepoppin
Traction Control - prevents burnouts!!:winks
If you intend on drag racing the car, you may want to look at going to a different dif. alltogether. After one season of racing, my stock traction lock dif. has started to wear out. I've noticed alot of play in the spyder gears, as well as I believe one wheel is starting to spin more in the waterbox when doing a burn out. ie weak traction lock spring. Just my 2 cents
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