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Limited Slip Differential?

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This Friday I'll be ordering a Screaming Yellow GT Coupe, Auto (Had to compromise with wife) and the vehicle comes with traction control. I would like somebodys opinion re the limited slip differential option. I understand that it transfers power to another wheel when one is slipping. Isn't this kinda like what traction control already does? Please help me decide if this is an option I should get or forget. Thanks!!
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ultraclyde said:
I'm with vandil on this one. 275 is a LOT cheaper than adding it later. You might never need it, but then again, you might....:laughlitt

this from a guy who checked all the option boxes........:rolleyes:
I third vandil and ultraclyde...once you go mach speed outta some stop lights, you'll start thinking about the dragstrip...and once you hit the dragstrip, chances are very good you're gonna get hooked (literally and figuratively)...and the LSD, it is a crazy good trip, man! Even with my Sixer and 210 hp, the one wheel takeoffs were no fun. With 300-plus -- well, ya gotta do it, bro...
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