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Limited Slip Differential?

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This Friday I'll be ordering a Screaming Yellow GT Coupe, Auto (Had to compromise with wife) and the vehicle comes with traction control. I would like somebodys opinion re the limited slip differential option. I understand that it transfers power to another wheel when one is slipping. Isn't this kinda like what traction control already does? Please help me decide if this is an option I should get or forget. Thanks!!
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hey anybody running any different gears....:cool:
correction anybody running 4.30 gears with a 5speed????
how is the 4.30 on the street????? i am going back and fourth on weither to go with 4.10's or the 4.30 gears....i have offroad exhaust w/flowmasters,afe cold air, hurst shifter, 27545zr18 tires and i am going to program it but am waiting on the gear selection??????:?:
its quite in here..............:kooky:
thank you for the help.....i have driven one with 4.10's and was thinking of supercharging later too,so i gatta make a decision.....p.s. what exhaust are you running?????? i have the upr x pipe no converters and flowmasters and man it will let you know when you are in it hard......or for that matter at about the ol' 2500 to 3000 drone sounds...i don't want to put converters back on it so i thought of trying maybe the bassani back half any opinions???
i know this subject has been worn out in the past.....:cool:
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hey that pic of the blue car launching is awesome......those back tires are all wrinkled up and ready.......
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