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Limp Mode at WOT

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Hi! I'm new at the forums, but I have research a lot about the limp mode in here and in modded mustang forums. I got a 2006 mustang GT and it gets into limp mode everytime I go hard on the throttle. It dosen't thow any codes, only the wrench light, I turn it off and on again and it works normal again. I already replaced the Throttle body with all the sensors once but the problem continued. I have an SCT tuner with NO custom tune. I believe my problem is thanks to a bad tuning I did but I'm not sure since my car has minor mods, most of them came with the car when I bought it so I used the basic functions from the tuner. I got a K&N CAI, Pace Setter Long Tube Headers, 4.10 gearing and a Hurst short shifter.

I would appreciate it if you guys could help me out to sort these problem.
Thanks in advance.
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have you turned off the rear 02 sensors? any codes when you get the light? everything you have needs tuned for except the shifter. most if it is little changes but can account for the car thinking its going to grenade and shuts down. the wrench light "from what ive read" has to do only with the TB itself. did you set the voltage correctly once you changed TB's? these cars are very picky on what you bolt onto them and if the ecm sees something amiss, bam, you have issues. good luck
Might want to purchase a new tune specific to your mods and go from there. You can change all sensors there are, but won't solve the issue if the tune is not correct.
I believe first thing you need to do is induce the failure and have quick diagnostic run before rebooting it. That might save you a LOT of time and money taking guesses at parts and tunes and dancing all around the issue.
PaceSetters are hard to tune due to O2 sensor location and "no tune" K&N CAIs are known to put the ECU on the border of limp mode with factory calibration. This isn't surprising at all. Contact a reputable tuner (should run you about $100) for a proper tune.
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