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Little poll on diff covers

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Well I am building my stang from the floor up and doing the rear end now. Which diff cover do you guys run or like?
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What size rearend are you using and do you want it for show?
It's going on a 8.8 and building a stroker with at least 350 hp. It's for my second car which might see the track once or twice a slicks. Might as well get one while I am down there I think.
I'd get one with the support bolts for the caps like the Strange, TFS, LPW, or any of the others. Anything to support the strength, I'm for it.
Trick Flow aluminum cover with the fins and bearing cap support is the way to go...:bigthumbsup
I tried to buy a Trick Flow but Summit was out of them at the time so they gave me the Summit Brand which is the same thing.
Just looked them up and the Summit brand looks like the exact same thing. One thing that I did notice was that the TFS/Summit brand have their fill hole so much lower than the rest of the other brands. Does the TFS hold as much gear oil as the other guys? Supposedly the others hold 1/2 a quart more for better cooling.
Moser with bearing supports. The fill hole on the Moser is higher than the breather on the axle tube.
i was told trickflow was owned by summit
I wouldn't doubt it the covers are EXACTLY the same and the trick flow is 5 bucks more just for the name. Looked at the Moser and like it plenty.
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