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Little Red Rocket...

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Picked it up this morning. It is a wow car and worth the wait ( 10 weeks from order to delivery). I will post more pictures as soon as I can.


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CONGRATS Stu looks great go & enjoy but get us some more pics asap.Can't wait 2 see it in person!

Contact me when you get a chance & we can CRUISE together!

Do you love the car or what?This is a rhetorical question of course.
Awesome !!! Congratulations, post more pics soon
congrats.. :bigthumbsup
Great "Pull me over" car !!! :heha:

Very nice looking car, even from such an awful camera phone pic! Congrats, hope you like it!
Need more-better pics. Nice ride.
I'm still going to call that color Torch Red, because I see no difference. :bounce2:
Oh man, beautiful. Red was my first color choice, but I didn't want to be a ticket magnet. :)
It is NOT the same as torch red... it is brighter with a slight slight orange tint...
Great ride...can't wait to get my own ride...
Gratz bud
Another camaro killer, awesome car congrats!!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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