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Lng tube headers

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Is there any way to use long tube headers with stock cats (without offroad piping or high flow cats)? Can a shop cut in front of the cats for an install?
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the long tubes, go way farther down the car then the stock piping system does.
The only way to use cats with longtubes is to have the cats welded in right behind the longtubes and some o2 sensor extension wires put in. However, if you're going with longtubes, you might as well eighty-six the cats or you won't be happy with your longtubes.
Okay, I was just seeing if my cheap ass could save an extra $140 and not get the pacesetter offroad h. I have the pype bombs (which are loud already), so will it be insanely/annoyingly loud? I'm thinking of switching to pypes violators if so...and/or adding some mufflers on the tailpipes.
I have that setup, Kook long tube headers, h high flow, Borla Stinger exhaust from Ford Racing. Heads Ported, exhaust and intake ports opened and shaped so there is greater air flow.
IMG 0113 - YouTube

V6 Kona Blue - YouTube

One vid is outside taken with my Iphone, the other is at Tilman Speed dyno pull to adjust belts, a/f ratio, fuel pressure and boost.
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Sorry, forgot something, it is extremely loud when you hit the hammer-annoyingly thats your call. I put a little h20 in one pipe to show air flow.
I have been considering longtubes, but I really don't want to mess up the deep growl my setup has now.. let us know how it turns out.
You need all the air you can get, use it and get rid of in order to generate hp. If need be fit the exhuast to the note that suits you, but get the long tube headers. I love Kooks for the obvious reasons but also because of the solidly built flanges. Not true with most other long tube headers.

Good luck
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The best way to go about it is to get the deminsons from the manufacturer of the headers and them mock them into place with your stock Xpipe.
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