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Location/picture where to change spedo gear?? 66 mustang

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I want to see if anyone has a picture of the location on the tranny where to swap out the gear. I want to get a mental/visual picture of it before physically doing it. How does it come out? Just a nut that holds it in place and pull it out, and attach the new one in? Thanks guys!
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Here be my picture. I got '66 289 with C4. This is on drivers side. On left side of pic. you will see where it goes into tranny. Pretty easy job. Takes some patience trying to get it out. A 3/8' or 7/16" wrench i think ya need. There are right hand & left hand driven gears. Make sure you get the right one, with the correct amount of teeth. Mine had 16 teeth and was Right hand.


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Speedo gear - LH rotation is typically used in 4 speeds MT's & RH rotation is used in all others AT, T-5 TK and 3 speeds MT's.

Trans with the cable speedo hole on drivers side typically use RH gears. Trans with the Pass side holes typically use LH gears.

That info from NPD pg 154. They also have a RH & LH pic to compare yours with, if needed.

Glad you got it installed finally SDRider!
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