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Locations in or near Michigan to have Supercharger installed.

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I know of Brenspeed in Pierceton, IN.
Livernois Motorsports in West Bloomfield, MI
Are there any other that i should consider?
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I took my '07' Roush right to the mother ship in Lavonia and had them do the forged bottom end and the TVS upgrade. Figured that they do it for a living and knew all the tricks. Spent a great week there also.
About Brenspeed

We are located only one hour from the MI boarder! You can stay for free at our 3 bedroom guest house and get a first class experience at our state of the art facility. If you've never been here PLEASE watch this short video below and you'll see what sets us apart.

We have ran studies and on average our customers drive 8 hours for an install so if you're just in MI you've got a pretty sweet drive! Also keep in mind there is a lot more than just price and distance when doing a large modification...continued support is priceless. We also test every part we sell on our engineering/personal cars. Check this video out and call with any questions...

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