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Long Tube Headers Question?

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My brother recently had a 1998 mustang GT project. He swapped it out with a 2004 crown Victorian 4.6L engine. The headers are messed up on it so I'm looking for some long tube headers. I was wondering if the long tube headers from a 1998 mustang GT 4.6L engine would fit to the crown vic engine or would I need to get headers for the crown vic? If so what kind of long tube headers would be good for the crown vic engine? My budget is about $400 or less just for the headers.
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Both engines use the same headers. With your budget the Pacesetter longTubes are the only ones that meet it. You could try to find a used set of BBKs or something as well...

I would personally wait until you can get some ceramic coated headers.

Good luck!
Should be the same , considering they are both 2v heads if iam not mistaken ..
Pacesetter is a good affordable brand Iam running them on my mach 1. Fitment was on point , just be sure to invest in some stage 8 locking bolts. And re use or get new oem plated gaskets.
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