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Looking at the 2015 Mustang Convertible with the Roush RS1 Package

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Hi, Fernando here, looking to get a 2015 Mustang Convertible with the RS1 package and many specific options. Call me a fool but recently I 'discovered' the Turbosmart Valve ($250.00) which enhances the blow off valve from the ecoboost engine and it sounds AMAZING. Think Fast and the Furious 1. Yeah yeah, I know, its childish. But, its been a dream of mine to get a car with a turbo like this since I was a kid. Why not??

I found two dealers that are willing to custom order it for me, not just the mustang itself but also the Roush package in detail. However, I'm worried I'm gonna get charged full MSRP because is so 'custom'.
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Welcome to the site Fernando!
dreamsound, hello and welcome to the forum! Nice to have you here. This site is a tremendous resource due to the members, hope you stick around and find it useful beyond the purchase decision. Good luck with your search!
Welcome to the site!!
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