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Looking for a Good Repair Shop to Have my 1966 mustang worked on in Oklahoma City

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I recently purchased a 1966 mustang coupe with the original inline 6 engine still in it, it's had the carb rebuilt but the carb needs fine-tuned and it needs all of the brakes replaced and wheel cylinders, and front bearings(It currently has all drum brakes but I'm considering converting to disc because I'm having to replace them anyway). I'm looking for a reliable shop in Oklahoma City that can do this work, any help is greatly appreciated.
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mustangnewb - I lived in Edmond, OK for 13 years and moved to PA last year. Contact the Oklahoma Mustang Club. The website is:

OMC Home Page

I'm sure that they can recommend a local repair shop or club member who repairs Mustangs. Hope this info helps.
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