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Looking for an Elc Fan For 1966 Mustang 289

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Well, thats it. Looking for a good thin fan for the mustang. I read a big indepth thread on some other forum about how when the drag from the fan is gone it helps the engine run smoother and when in stop and go traffic it throws more cfm and i like how it comes on at one temp then off at another or how when you turn the AC on, it comes on as well.

I just dont know which one to get. There are so many! I was really looking at the Derale after some really good reviews on cfm and fitment but i dont know much about this area and was looking for others to chime in. I live in 100-120+ degree Az heat so the cooler the better.

This issue im having is i upgraded to a 3 row radiator (autozone brand) from my orginal 40+year 2 row. That with the Redline water wetter really does the trick, but now my shoud wont fit (one extra row wont fit the shroud brackets) and im looking for anything to get ahead with helping this unrestored engine run as long and as smooth as possible. Anyone have and suggestions or thought on elc fans. Also, are they hard to intall? Should i take my radiator off mount then reinstall or can i do it with the rad in the car?

Anyway, here is what i was looking at...

Derale 16926 Derale High Output Single Automotive Electric Fans

I measured between my rad and the water pump and it will fit easily, so...?
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A fan about the size of your old one will be good. But the biggest one that you can fit in there is the best idea. I don't remember what the CFM was that you need but those fans haul a$$ and they go faster than stock fans so it should cool better.
I was wondering about the 3 row radiators? Are the cooling tubes 1" long?
Thanks and good luck.
I think the thickness is the tubes length when you look inside the tank you will see the slits in there for the water to flow through and if they are 1" in one direction and there are 2 or 3 rows. I think with the 3 row one you don't have 1" rows.
The one your looking at there looks like a good fit.:bigthumbsup
Nice job. That looks like how it is done.
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